We take on your color.

The HUB Studio logo doesn't have a color of it's own, rather it takes on the unique colors of our partners.

The HUB Studio logo doesn't have a color of it's own, rather it takes on the unique colors of our partners.

Here at HUB Studio we have one thing in mind, you. Above all, we support and embrace your unique vision and are dedicated to helping you actualize your dreams.  It’s not about our personal design aesthetic, it’s about listening to you and helping you translate a vision for your interior space that you may not even be able to see yet. 

We believe in promoting positive work, culture and environmental experiences within beautifully designed, creative and innovative spaces while keeping human interaction at the center of all decisions. We are passionate about building gorgeous and unique interiors that increase your profitability, speak your brand and ensure a rich, dynamic and effortlessly functional human experience. 

A partnership with HUB Studio is a symbiotic relationship.  At our core, we are committed to building connections and fostering long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and industry partners.  Together we create something greater than we could alone and everyone’s dreams become reality.

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Our Founder's Story

I am dreamer.  I am adventurer.  I am entrepreneur.  I am leader.  

People often ask me how I got ‘into’ design, if it had always been a dream of mine, and the answer is always the same.  I don’t think I ever really had a choice.  I didn’t chose this dream; this dream chose me.  It is as much a part of me as breathing and always has been.  

Imagine this, if highly creative people were a craft cocktail, I believe the components would look something like this.  Start with an innate ability to create, even when you don’t want to or maybe, probably shouldn’t.  Stir in a mind boggling capacity to simultaneously see both the big picture and every single, little detail.  Don’t forget to mix in the attention span of a squirrel, no seriously, imagine your laptop with 27,348 tabs all open at the same time. Squirrel!  Add in a complete lack of ability to sit still as well as the lack of aversion to risk taking. Float in a healthy dose of free spirit and of course don’t forget to top it off with just a teeny bit of crazy.  This pretty much sums up who I am.  Like I said, I didn’t chose it, it chose me. 

Thankfully I learned years ago to recognize these traits as talents...

Thankfully I learned years ago to recognize these traits as talents and I became extremely curious about how I could harness them and turn them into something that I love.  Now, given the previously mentioned character traits, this was not always easy!  I also happen to be an adventurer and what I’ve come to coin a ‘freebird’ at heart so it took some time to really get clear on what I wanted to do with my passion and drive for design.  My freebird led me to a lot of amazing places, traveling and connecting with different cultures, environments and people.  I am curious about absolutely everything and have spent the better part of my life indulging my curiosity for life and learning.  

Given all of that, I think the thing that has influenced my life and career more than anything can boiled down to one sentence. I am adaptable. I am adaptable, I always have been. I never had a choice but to be, so I let my imagination create a sense of place, a sense of home wherever I went. I literally feel equally comfortable and confident in stilettos and a cocktails dress in the heart of a big city, networking with clients and colleagues as I do in yoga pants and a trucker hat alone in the middle of the mountains or ocean. I am adaptable. It’s why I travel so easily and freely and connect whole heartedly to everywhere I go and with everyone I meet. It’s why I connect with my clients in such a meaningful and real way which allows me be the conduit for creating space and helping them translate their dreams into reality. 

Hold the vision, trust the process.  This has been my mantra for most of my adult life, specifically since I started HUB Studio. I have a deep seeded entrepreneurial spirit and it was never a question of if I would build businesses, but when.  HUB Studio is my first baby and I founded this company with a very clear vision in mind.  A vision of creating a space where human connection was at the core of everything we do.  A space where clients can find the resources and team they need to actualize their project and translate a dream they may not even be able to see.  A space where designers can connect into an amazing network of resources, clients and projects and be able to fulfill their career goals and be recognized for their unique talents.  A space where our industry partners are supported so that we can collectively help each other succeed. These are the reasons why I named it HUB Studio, to support my vision of this studio being a hub for great design, powerful connections, supported industry partners and of course, happy clients!

I am, because we are. 


 - Timaree Later