Dedicated to Wellness

Having known the ladies of Basalt for several years, we were thrilled when they asked us to be a part of their project.  These owners are two extraordinary women who are truly dedicated to wellness and healing.  Basalt focuses on customizing and tailoring their services to each unique client so we took that approach with designing their spa, creating a space that truly speaks their beliefs and is tailored what inspires them. 

Client / Basalt Day Spa
Website /
City / Salt Lake City, UT
Year / 2016
Size / 1,180 sq/ft

Working with HUB Studio on the making of Basalt Day Spa was one of the best decisions we made.
— Amber DeVogue & Jasmine Borla | Co-Founders, Basalt

Inspired by Nature

Basalt takes its name from the heated basalt stones they use in every treatment.  This of course lends itself to a natural and organic interior space.  Maintaining the exposed wood trusses, creating wood ceiling details that cast beautiful, natural shadows and implementing interior finishes that speak to nature all support this connection to natural, healing elements. 


Committed to Quality

One thing is given when you walk through the door at Basalt, quality.  Quality in the customer experience, quality in the services you receive and quality in every product they bring in for treatments and retail.  Our goal was to create a space for them that leant itself to this level of quality, from the beautiful modern building they occupy down to every detail and finish.


Community Minded

. At HUB Studio we believe in supporting growth in our community and helping businesses grow and be successful.  Basalt holds the same vision for its clients, retail partners and community.  They have become a well-recognized business in their evolving neighborhood, they support local artists, carry local brands in their retail space and always continue to engage with the community. 


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