Cafe Rio


A Culture Made From Scratch

We love to support our local companies and Café Rio was no exception.  This locally grown, committed to culture, inspired by fresh concepts company was clearly one super fun client.  Our main objective was to create a brand and culture environment that doubled as a corporate office and immersive training space for new employees. We like to think we nailed it!

Client / Cafe Rio
Website /
City / Salt Lake City, UT
Year / 2013
Size / 15,775 sq/ft


Brand Immersion

With the company wide multi-use of this office, the interior needed so speak the Café Rio brand from the moment you walked in the door. We partnered closely with their corporate creative director and together we created a space that felt like the restaurants in many ways, vibrant and energetic, while at the same time had the high function of an efficient and collaborative office environment. 


Playfull Color

If you’ve been in a Café Rio restaurant you know there is color on every inch of their spaces, from the fun custom furniture to the fresh ingredients in their food. This of course made us happy because we love color too, lots of it! We played with the patterns in the textiles, added huge color blocked spaces and vibrant and bold art.  We even brought in statues and custom doors from their restaurants for that finishing touch.

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