Image Studios



Image Studios is a few of our favorite things, all wrapped up into one beautiful package. Environments that support the entrepreneurial spirit, progressive industry ideas, modern design and a culture that supports and provides systems for success. What’s not to love about this company!

Client / Image Studios
Website /
City / Salt Lake City, UT
Year / 2015
Size / 6,225 sq/ft


Image is Everything

Working with Image Studios is a beautiful and unique experience.  We were brought on as a partner to help them develop their brand aesthetics and design and construction standards as they transition the company into franchised locations. Together we took their already solid brand concept and evolved their spatial aesthetic into what will be a powerful experience for each franchisee, stylist and client.  

This was no small feat at hand and HUB Studio have done a fantastic job. We’re looking forward to collaborating in the future on all of our new projects and opportunities that come our way.
— Jason Olsen | CEO, Image Studios

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